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I work in a big project. We use Team Foundation Server (TFS) as Concurrent Versions System (CVS). The project has many branches. Each branch has many folders (solutions).
I start each morning with getting latest source code from TFS. The Visual Studio 2010 has very good opportunities to work with TFS but I can't perform get latest for set of folders: either all folders in a branch or folder by folder.
The YSGetLatest allows to perform get latest for set of folders.

How it works

YSGetLatest executes a TFS command tf get <source location>/<branch>/<folder> /overwrite /recursive for each folder marked for execution. Example: tf get $/CompanyProjectName/Dev/Tools /overwrite /recursive
Execution log is storing into file %temp%/YSGetLatest_<folder>.log


  1. Set path to tf.exe on your computer (Projects -> Options)
  2. Create a project
  3. Specify source location, something like $/Company/ProjectName
The source location may be found in Visual Studio (2010), Source Control Explorer:

  1. Specify branch
  2. Add folder(s)
  3. Click on "Get Latest"

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